Mycology Wiki

Psilocybe Cubensis

  • The cap is brown-yellow, darker on the middle and blighter and the borders.
  • The cap have a little edge at the middle.
  • When watered by a long time, the upper side of the cap is moucous, and when normally at days on sun, it have little membrane that reflex the light.
  • The lower side of the cap contains gills
  • The gills are darker, a bit purple, but bright when the mushroom is washed by rain or old (when it loose his spores)
  • The spores/sporeprints are dark purple
  • the rod always contains a ring, some times less visible (when young, and the cap is small and rounded, there's a membrane closing the lower side of the cap with this ring).
  • The rod gets larger on the base, it can be very disform
  • Every part of the mushroom gets blued when bruised, getting darker. (this means that the mushroom contains psilocin and psilocybin).
  • The mycelium on the substrate looks like many spider's webs.