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The first step in cultivating mushroom is acquiring mushroom spores. There are two ways in which spores are usually purchased.

Spore Syringes[]

The spores are suspended in sterile water and sucked into a sterile syringe. This allows the spores to be injected directly into sterilized grains or PF jars.

Spore Prints[]

Making a spore print is a method of spore collection which can easily be done by the home cultivator. Spore prints are pieces of sterile paper or aluminum foil onto which spores have been directly deposited on from the cap of a mature mushroom. Spore prints are used to make spore syringes, and many syringes can be made from a single print.

Spore Teks[]

Here are a few teks for making spore prints and syringes. Remember whenever you are working with spores you must do so in very sterile conditions.

Bod's Proper Spore Printing TEK